Veto Imprisonment Without Charge or Trial


The Senate "compromised" away your Constitutional right not to be imprisoned without charge or trial. Your voice is needed more than ever. 

The Senate's so-called compromise in the “Defense” bill simply states that this new law will not change existing law.  Yet this new law's language is far worse than existing written law and the White House view of existing law is worse still. We must demand a veto of this bill more loudly than ever. The meaningless compromise on perpetual detention was reached after the Senate rejected the Udall amendment stripping out the offending language and a Feinstein amendment that would have allowed trial-free imprisonment only for non-U.S. citizens.So far, almost 13,000 of you have joined the call for a veto of this dangerous bill. 

We cannot accept our government allowing the President and the military to lock people away in violation of our Constitutional rights.

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